Strategic overview by
Chairman Emeritus

India is one of the most exciting global destinations for transportation solutions and Jupiter Group is one of India’s most exciting transportation solutions proxy.

There are a number of reasons that make India one of the most attractive geographies in the areas of transportation solutions.

One, India is the world’s fastest urbanizing country among large economies, making it imperative for the nation to re-align its urban transportation network with unprecedented speed to address growing needs.

Two, as vehicular pollution threatens urban lifestyles, there is a growing consensus that mass-rapid transport systems are the only sustainable response.

Three, the only way that India can benchmark its logistics competitiveness with global standard is by modernising legacy infrastructure, providing linkages of the various modes and making sustained investments in modern customised freight cars.


Our Ethos

Jupiter Wagons Vision


To become first National and then a Global contributor to fundamental growth engines that include mobility, defence, civic services and health care sectors by employing State of the Art technologies at an optimum cost.

We shall generate employment, develop skills for the local youth, be equal opportunity employer, uphold the social obligations and control environmental risks

Jupiter Wagons Mission


To be the finest in the mobility solution domain throughout our country both in terms of Railways and the Roadways.

We shall rationally engage with the National Railways for both freight and passenger segments by way of manufacture of rolling stocks (Wagons & Coaches), parts and accessories, including steel castings and


Jupiter Wagons values


We shall build up a suitable social fabric with our employees, staffs, vendors and associates to spread the message of equality, harmony and peace.

With our product and services we shall offer the optimum value and effectiveness for a delightful nation.

Jupiter Wagons Pioneering achievements

Pioneering achievements

  • LWLH25 ton cast bogies for the Indian railways.
  • Improved high capacity (45000 ft-lb) draft gear for freight cars.
  • Upgraded high tensile centre buffer coupler.
  • Fully machined cast manganese steel AREMA frogs for US rail.
  • Flash butt welded high speed crossings for Indian Rail.
  • 25T Axle load BOXNS wagons for the Indian Railways.
  • AAR ‘H’ type Coupler with Balanced Draft gear.
  • Bogie Mounted Brake System and 200 KMPH EP Assist Brake.
  • First to build and supply 25 T Wagon for Indian Railways.
Jupiter Wagons Group edge

The Jupiter Group’s edge

The Jupiter Group brings to its business a range of competitive strengths.

  • Status: The Group is a complete transportation solutions engineer and one of the fastest-growing in India’s railway sector
Jupiter Wagons Global partnerships

Global partnerships

  • Tatravagonka and Budamar Logistics for manufacturing wagons
  • DAKO-CZ for manufacturing disc brake systems of Linke Hofmann Busch coaches
  • Kovis Proizvodna družba for manufacturing brake discs of Linke Hofmann Busch coaches
  • Talleres Alegría S.A. for manufacturing welded cast manganese steel crossings of high-speed tracks
  • LAF-CIM Group for manufacturing centre buffer couplers with balanced draft gears of Linke Hofmann Busch coaches
  • Colway Ferroviaria S.L. for manufacturing high-speed passenger coach interiors and modern toilet systems (for common and disabled passengers)