Leading Indian manufacturer of
Railway freight cars

Our Facilities

We are the only player within India’s railway infrastructure and products sector to possess fully integrated facility with Cold Roll Forming Mill and Brake manufacturing that manufactures raw materials and the end product. The resulting advantages comprise the following:

Reduced dependence on purchased castings from third parties | Lower logistical expense; higher logistical predictability | Lower turnaround time in products manufacture | Electrified Siding with capacity of two Rakes each at Bandel and Jabalpur | Strategically located in the East and Central India


Over the years, we have invested in cutting-edge foundry infrastructure:

Two 15-tonne electric arc furnaces | Argon purging system | Ladle refining system | Gas-fired heat treatment furnace | Quenching facility | Bend correction press | Sand preparation plant with compact-strength testing laboratory | Metallurgical test laboratory (spectrometers and microscopes, among others) | Mechanical test laboratory (Impact, UTS, 10-tonne tuff-hammer, among others) | Engineering drawing/design (3D modelling and process simulators) | 3-metre X 6-metre computer numerical control, five-axes vertical machining centre (Toshiba MPJ 3660) with integrated electronic probe based job-measuring system | Waldrich Coburg computer numerical control plano milling machines with 10-metre-long tables | No Bake Technology | 60T, 30T and 15T Mixer | Automated Shot Blasting machine

Land and Power

We possess an extensive land bank covering more than 200 acres, a significant competitive advantage in a time of inadequate and expensive land infrastructure. This competitive advantage makes it possible to future-proof our business and empower us to ramp wagon output from 5,000 units per annum to [] units per annum by [].

We also enjoy access to affordable and uninterrupted power, strengthening manufacturing productivity.

Plant and machinery

  • Preparation bay

    Computer numerical control highdefinition plasma cutting | Computer numerical control press brakes | CRF mill | Computer numerical control shearing

  • Fabrication bay

    Semi-automatic metal inert gas welding | Mechanised submerged arc welding | Robotic welding | Jigs, fixtures and manipulators

  • Finishing bay

    Shot blasting | Painting | Bearing shop/wheel mounting | Traverse | Overhead cranes

  • Testing

    Squeeze load test bench | Covered wagon shower testing