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Railway freight cars

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  • Chairman’s Strategic Overview

    India has retained its position as one of the most exciting global destinations for transportation solutions and Jupiter group is one of India’s most exciting transportation solutions proxy. There are a number of reasons that make India one of the most attractive geographies in the areas of transportation solutions.

  • One, India is the world’s fastest urbanizing country among large economies, making it imperative for the nation to re-align its urban transportation network with unprecedented speed to address growing needs.

    Two, as vehicular pollution threatens urban lifestyles, there is a growing consensus that mass-rapid transport systems are the only sustainable response.

    Three, the only way that India can benchmark its logistics competitiveness with global standard is by modernising legacy infrastructure, providing linkages of the various modes and making sustained investments in modern customised freight cars, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the logistics sector.

    The Government of India has placed a high priority in strengthening its transportation backbone through a complement of focused projects, allocated budgets, deadlined projects implementation, liberalized foreign investments and the incentives to manufacture as much within the country as possible.

    These realities provide us with the optimism that India’s transportation sector stands at an inflection-point faced with a favourable multi-year growth outlook.

    our competencies

    At Jupiter Group, we have been among the fastestgrowing in our sector over the last number of years. We are optimistic of reporting sustained outperformance in this dynamic sectoral environment for some good reasons.

    We have consciously positioned ourselves as a complete mobility solutions provider’, making it possible to address every sectoral upturn and capture the most extensive slice of the industry value-chain.

    We have developed an opportunity-responsiveness through a complement of alliances, partnerships and joint ventures, making it possible to match our extensive infrastructure with some of the most advanced technologies in the world.

    We possess an extensive pan-India manufacturing footprint, enhancing our capacity and flexibility to respond to the dynamics of a rapidly-growing market place with 7 strategically located unit across the country.

    We possess distinctive qualifications: We are the only sectoral player supplier in India to be accredited with the prestigious American Association of Railway, strengthening our credentials as a respected global manufacturer.

    Leveraging these strengths, Jupiter stands at the forefront of the cutting-edge technology information with products such as:

    • High-end brake systems for high speed trains and metro coaches
    • Freights cars for transportation of loose cement and food grains, among others
    • Top-of-the-line fire-fighting vehicles
    • Solid waste management vehicles to meet the growing urban needs
    • Trains sets/MEMU/EMU for mass rapid transit system