Crossings, Switches & Turn-out Systems for Track-work


CMS Crossings

1:12, UIC 60

1:8.5, UIC 60

1:12, IRS 52

1:8.5 IRS 52

1:16, UIC 60

1:20, UIC 60

1:8.5, IRS 52 Obtuse

1:8.5, IRS 52 Meter Gauge

Diamond Crossing

Scissor Crossing

Swing nose Crossing

CMS Crossings
CMS Crossings

Switches & Accessories, Thick-web types

CMS Crossings

Turnout Systems for every traffic application

Heavy Haul

High Speed

All possible angles and radii

All available rail sections

All required gauges

All required rail fastenings

Regional as well as international Standards such as IRS, UIC and AREMA Tailor made, specification-conformal designs