About Jupiter Wagons & Alloys


Jupiter Wagons & Alloys is a premier manufacturer of railway wagons and wagon components and casting in India. Jupiter manufactures all types of railway wagons and have produced some of the best rail transportation equipment in the world. Jupiter has now ventured into manufacturing of AC EMU / MEMU and passenger coaches for Indian Railways.

Since inception, the company’s reputation for excellence and integrity has been one of its most prized assets. Jupiter has earned this reputation by adhering to the highest standards of business conduct, which includes not only complying with applicable laws and regulations and striving to set the standard for corporate governance in the industry. Integrity is one of its most inept attributes.

Jupiter has the most integrated wagon and coach manufacturing facilities in the country under one roof and its capabilities include manufacturing of railway wagon of all types, fabricated bogies and railway casting such as high speed bogies, couplers and draft gear. Further Jupiter also manufactures railway turnouts both for Indian Railways and for global markets.

The unit is located at Shahgunj, Bandel on an 100 acre area approximately 55 KM from the city’s business hub and is well connected with National Highway as well as Railway Siding.